Founded in 1996, ERKAN MAKINA has grown to be a leading company and offers industrial solutions with wide range products and professionel sales team. ERKAN MAKINA also has growing in the field of international trade.

         Through years of focused and dedicated in technology, human resources and production capacity. ERKAN MAKINA has established itself as the leader in the sector.

Having a Head Office and 4 showrooms of 5900 m2closed facility including various productions (nearly 62.000 types).

         Our first showroom is located in OSTIM OSB industrial region and 2200 m2 closed facility.

         Our second showroom is situated in ISTANBUL YOLU (ANKARA) and 1250 m2 closed facility.

         Our third showroom is in SINCAN OSB and 800 m2 closed facility.

         Our fourth showroom is located in ISTANBUL IMES industrial region (ISTANBUL) and 150 m2 closed facility. We will open two more showrooms till middle of  2013 which will be located IVEDIK industrial area and BASKENT industrial area.

         ERKAN MAKINA provides all kind of solutions its clients including heavy duty industry, costruction, production, repair, renewaland hobby equipments. ERKAN MAKINA supplies sales and after sales service for professionel customers and wil lcontinue. 

         We are keep on growing with professional personels, wide product range, respect of  labor, people and nature not losing our honesty and trustability ever lasting.






Each showrooms of ERKAN MAKINA have 14 departmants in itself in order to provide speedy sales and technical service to its clients.



1. Power tools and accessories

2. Mechanical hand tools and accessories

3. Job security and accessories

4. Abrasives and accessories

5. Construction and accessories

6. Lifting and accessories

7. Cutting tools and accessories

8. Fasteners and accessories

9. Welding machines and accessories

10. Machine stands and accessories

11. Pneumatic hand tools and accessories

12. Aerosole and Chemical group

13. Aftersales service

14. Demo Team


Having professional team each department. Every departmant is supported main sales team in Head Office.  Main sales team’s situation is that they visit customers regularly and provide both sales and after sales service to our customers.

            Having 160 employees (10 engineers, 15 tecnicians, 25 operators, 50 sales representatives (outside), 30 sales representatives (inside) and 30 administrative personels) and 60 sales cars, ERKAN MAKINA is became leader.

            ERKAN MAKINA also has dealers and increasing number of dealers to general of Turkey. Thanks to dealers, ERKAN MAKINA sell its product sall overTurkey.

            ERKAN MAKINA offer optimum price and maximum service to its clients with having professinal oraganization and wide product range.

            ERKAN MAKINA ‘s priority is that offer a fast and suitable solutions customers all needs.