Message Of the Administration

Our valuable business partners, our Ankara centered firm, has made its service to its business partners  in Ankara, and after completing its formation there, it started to build up its service and supplier  network all around the Turkey, and have become the leader firm and become a well known brand in its own  position. In last five years , it concentrated its activities in Turkey brother countries(Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Uzbekhistan, Kyrgzystan)  and  made a very succesfull business regarding to its dealer and technical service organization.


Our business partners have gained a profit because of the organisation made by our company in logistics, management& IT systems. With its experience & professional technical staffs, our company keeps on offering solutions to its business partners’ expectations about industrial market.

To improve our business partners’ efficiency , our company keeps on showing its difference at the market and keeps on  making difference with its solutions. We are aware of the added value to us by our business partners. We will continue to create solutions for our business partners as we did it in the past, today and at the future, with the awareness of the trust given to us by our business partners.

We will continue to grow together with you.